Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Online cats tutorial


1. Care of Your Cat

Do you have a new cat or kitten and need help learning to care for cats? An older cat with health problems? Here is help in caring for young kittens, growing cats, and older cats.
Before you Get Your First Cat
Caring for a Kitten from Birth to One Year
The Maintenance Years
Senior Cats Deserve Golden Years
Care of a Pregnant Cat
Cat Breeds
Cat Food & Nutrition
You and Your Cat

2. Before you Get Your First Cat
Getting a cat for the first time involves a lot more than just picking one out. Cats are not necessarily the self-sufficient creatures some people think, and you need to be take several things into consideration before making the monumental move of sharing your home with a cat.
Do Your Homework First
Top Mistakes of New Cat Owners
How to Cat-Proof Your Home
Shopping List for Your First Cat
Your First Cat Online Tutorial
Cat Care FAQs
Glossary of Feline Terms

3. Caring for a Kitten from Birth to One Year
With these articles, I've given you all the tools you need to ensure that your kitten gets the very best care you can give her. From birth to one year, you will learn how to groom her, feed her, and play with her. All of these activities are bonding experiences, and your reward will be a lifetime of devoted companionship with your cat.
Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Home
The First Six Weeks
Your Kitten's First Year
Kitten Food 101
Kitten Care Online Tutorial
Kitten FAQs

4. The Maintenance Years
Although some breeds of cats, such as Maine Coons, do not reach "adulthood" until after two or more years, most cats can be considered adults after one year. By now you will know your cat's basic personality, his likes and dislikes. (Believe me, he'll let you know.) Bonding continues to be important, and your continued good care will strengthen your cat's trust in you, which is vital to your relationship.
Keeping Cats Safe
Glossary of Feline Terms
The Costs of Responsibility
The Feline-Human Bond of Love
Playing With Your Cat
Top Things a Cat Needs for Survival

5. Senior Cats Deserve Golden Years
Much like human senior citizens, geriatric cats need a bit more attention and help from their caretakers in order to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.
Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat
Optimizing Your Senior Cat's Health and Well-Being
The Comfort Factor
Online Class: Care of Your Senior Cat

6. Care of a Pregnant Cat
Whether your female cat slipped out and the result is an "oops" litter, or a pregnant cat presented herself (or was dumped) at your door, you may need help with managing her pregnancy. This section covers the gamut of reproduction in cats, from the act of mating to helping with the birthing process and even help in finding permanent homes for the resultant kittens.
Mating and Conception in Cats
Cats' Mating Habits Quiz
HELP! She's in Heat!
Signs a Cat is Pregnant
Online Class: Care of a Pregnant Cat
FAQs: Pregnancy, Birth, and Reproduction

7. Cat Breeds
The world of cats is a fascinating study in history, and it is no wonder that people flock to cat shows to see an infinite variety of cat breeds. Learn more about the profiles and history of cat breeds, as well as the role of genetics in color patterns.
A to Z Cat Breeds
Cat Breed Photo Galleries
Tips for Purchasing a Pedigreed Cat or Kitten
The Wild Look in Cats
Breed Rescue Organizations
Coat Color Patterns and Types
Cats Picture Quiz
The Glorious Tabby
Black Cats Folklore
Hemingway Cats - Polydactyls
Breed of the Week Email Course

8. Cat Food & Nutrition
"You are what you eat" is just as applicable to cats as to humans. I firmly believe that next to regular veterinary care, nutrition is the most important facet of a healthy, long life for cats. Tools are provided here for learning to read and understand cat food labels, along with articles, cat food reviews, and my suggestions for the best cat foods.
The Importance of Food to Your Cat's Health
The Case for Raw Feeding for Cats
Before You Buy Cat Food
How to Choose Cat Food
Canned Cat Food as a Staple
Canned Cat Food Recommendations & Reviews
Dry Cat Food Recommendations & Reviews
Cat Food FAQs
Cat Food Glossary

9. You and Your Cat
If you are like most other cat lovers, you consider your cat as a member of your family and already have developed a deep bond.
Bonding with another being, whether human or four-legged, soon evolves into a tapestry of intertwining souls. The unique bond between cats and humans is awesome to behold and even more incredible to experience. You may even be coping with cat allergies, but your cat's companionship is something you don't want to give up. There's help here, too, for that, so don't be discouraged.
Allergic to Cats?
The Feline-Human Bond of Love
Real Men Do Love Cats
Teach Kids to Bond With Cats
Simon and James
Patches - a True Story of the Paranormal Involving a Cat
The Telepathic Cat by Darren Zenko
Knowing When to Let Go
Dealing with Loss
Memorials to Special Cats
Memorial Gifts for Cat Lovers
Giving Thanks for Cats We Have Loved
Compelling Cases for Souls of Animals
The Quest For The Rainbow Bridge